Welcome to the Fiafia Cottage

Our Cottage is split into two age groups.


Our Fiafia Cottage is a homely, nurturing environment. Each baby and toddler has their own individual routine and are loved, cuddled, stimulated, and nurtured throughout the whole day. They are continually building on their gross motor and fine motor skills through creative arts, music and movement, sensory experiences, experimentation with many different materials and textures, and exploring their outside areas.


Our 1-2 year age group focuses mainly on developing the children’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, language development, and the development of positive friendships with their peers. The children have lots of time to explore the cubby house, sandpit, ball pit, fort, and swings. Out Educators work with the families assisting them with everything they need.

Lots of love and cuddles are in the Fiafia Cottage.